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Darlene Joy Cendali

aka, DJ

I remember Darlene vividly. She was very spirited and was very direct when she spoke with anyone. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes that tended to make us males wilt. One of my strongest memories of her was when she was trying to teach us a new line dance to the song "North to Alaska" by Johnny Horton. Because she had to come directly to the studio from Mercy High School out by Stones Town, she was always wearing her Catholic High School Uniform, which consisted of a plaid skirt and a white blouse. Usually her father would pick her up after we finished the show.

The song that makes me remember back to those days, and DJ, is "Devil or Angel" by Bobby Vee.

My high point with DJ (Darlene Joy) was when we taped the New Year’s Eve Show in November of 1960; I got to kiss her. I never forgot those honey sweet lips. While I never established as close a friendship with DJ as I did with some of the other female Regulars (she was daddy’s girl and he watched over her very carefully), we were friends nonetheless, and I often thought about her after the show was over.

I was fortunate to re-establish my friendship with DJ after our first Dance Party Reunion in July of 1997. It is really great; we are now back on track and see each other regularly, as well as speaking on the telephone regularly. So, it is my pleasure to introduce my beautiful friend DJ, and let her tell you about her experiences on Dance Party. - By Manny Interiano

I remember watching the KPIX Dance Party when I was 14 years old and a Freshman at Mercy High School in the City. I waited until I was a sophmore to apply for an audition. I remember how my cousin Pete Marino was involved with the production of the show, but I refrained from using the family connection to help me in any way; I wanted to become a Regular on my merits alone.

The night of the audition, I danced with another hopeful by the name of Frank Pisa. Frank and I became close friends, we were both selected, and we have been friends ever since that evening of the audition. I still recall how we had to dance, and then be interviewed by a panel of three people, including Dick Stewart. I remember showing them my school report card indicating that I had good grades. Good citizenship, and good grades were important for becoming a Regular.

Thinking back, I remember going to record hops and parties where everyone knew who we were and wanted our autographs.

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