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"Shari" … the name congers up sweet, pleasant, memories. Shari, this will all be new stuff for you, but I have been waiting for you to do your page so that I could access these old memory files from my brain.

I had been watching the Ted Randall Show throughout the Fall of 1958, and had gotten so that I knew the names of some of the Regulars. As I said in my web page, I day dreamed that, even though I couldn't dance, and was a big dud with girls, I would magically be a Regular one day, and meet some of the pretty ladies. All of a sudden, I spotted this beautiful blonde girl, and I mean movie star beautiful, doing some fantastic dance moves while her long blonde hair swayed left, right, and back.

After having watched her, glued to the television screen, with my jaw on the floor, I composed myself and immediately started my own dance lessons with the nearest doorknob. I was motivated; I was going to go on the show and dance with the pretty ladies. And, if I was really lucky, I might even get the courage to ask that beautiful blonde girl to dance.

To make this short, when I was a Regular, about 3 months later, I met Shari, and danced with her.

I expected Shari to be a typical, vain, conceited, and unapproachable beauty; and, I have to say, if anyone on Dance Party had a right to be all of those things, it was Shari. To my big surprise, I met and became very good friends with, the least biased, least prejudiced, least assuming person that I have ever met. She didn't dwell on custom, or petty things; she was "down to earth," gave everyone an equal opportunity to be her friend, and made no negative assumptions about anyone, regardless of their appearance or demeanor.

I can remember Shari dancing, and chumming around, with a large, and very overweight, boy who didn't have many female, or male, friends. Shari didn't care about his looks, or lack of popularity; he was nice to her, and that was all that mattered to her. She even occasionally received some cutting remarks about being seen dancing on television with this young man, but that didn't sway her. She continued to associate and dance with this boy. You must remember, this was at a time when young girls were usually friends only with other girls, unless they had a boyfriend, in the romantic sense. I didn't know much at the time, but I knew a good hearted person when I met one.

On her 15th birthday, she got some money as a gift. You know what she did? She treated yours truly to a full day of fun at Playland* at the Beach. This included meals, and all expenses. It was no big deal for Shari, she was just treating a good buddy to some fun; however, I have to say, I felt ten feet tall; here I was with one of the prettiest girls on Dance Party and she was treating me … me … the former big zero. I must also add that all of the guys who I knew, and met, during those days, considered Shari their dream girl. The one thing that held true throughout that time period is that the guys, who didn't know her, would always ask me about Shari.

As if all that wasn't enough, I have to add, Shari is one very rare bird; she is a 4th generation San Francisco Bay Area native. She can trace her lineage in the San Francisco Bay Area all the way back to the early 1800's, and to the 1700's in Massachusetts.

I really could go on for another 20 pages, at least, but I will yield the floor to Shari to tell her story in her words. - Manny Interiano

*By the way, for those of you born in the last 40 years, or so, "Playland" was a fantastic fun place, just like the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, where you could amuse yourself by going on exciting rides and playing various games for stuffed animals, and other prizes. Our City fathers, in their infinite wisdom, let a real estate developer (Jeremy Ets Hokin) build some apartments there in order to improve our lives. Yea, right! - by Manny Interiano

I was asked to be a Regular while visiting the Ted Randall show in late 1958.

My girlfriend, and I, after a very rough give and take discussion (I was shy and didn’t really want to go), decided to see if we could get on the show. Believe me, my girlfriend (Carole Boyle) was very persuasive, and had a temper. If I had said "no" once more, I would have had to deal with that dark side; so, I went reluctantly, and ended up being asked by Ted Randall to become a regular. I was shocked when he asked me; I was really too young at the time … age 13. I think you had to be in high school, which I wasn’t, so I was kind of unsure. I couldn’t believe it, after all my opposition for so many months, I got on the show and was actually picked out by Ted Randall, himself.

The popular dances at the time were the Calypso and Swing. "Chantilly Lace, Oh Donna, Tequila, Tijuana Jail, Puff the Magic Dragon, Quiet Village," were some of the songs that I remember. Maybe the year is not quite right (1958), but my memory doesn’t retain stuff like it used to. It was November 1958 … trust me. - Manny

I tried to go to all the Record Hops at the time, if I could hitch a ride with some of the other regulars (Gerrie, Joe, Manny, etc.). It was more fun in a group, or with a friend, because many times there were people out there who wanted to "punch-you-out," as the old expression goes, if you showed up. At the time, I was unable to recognize jealousy as an ambition by some of my peers. It was very upsetting to the other regular’s, and I, when we were met with hostility simply because we were on the show. I remember fighting my way out of many bathrooms in school, and at the dances I attended. We just wanted to have fun, and dance, but just like today, there are always disturbed people around, who resent others enjoying themselves, or succeeding at something.

I don’t remember being interviewed by Dick, after all that was a long time ago. I think I just continued on when the show changed hands. I do, however, remember all the prospective candidates that tried out for the MC position. Some of them were news-broadcasters, and others just breaking into the business, etc. That was truly funny watching them announcing a song they knew nothing about, "and here is the "Flying Purple People Eater;" say what? The newscasters were the funniest because they really sounded like they were providing you with the updated news, or better yet, the weather forecast.

I did win a calypso dance contest with George Galan. We both got a portable stereo that played 45s, and we also won some good albums, which I still have. I wonder where George is now? I do too. I have tried to find him with no success. - Manny He was an excellent dancer. I remember having to wear that darn full skirt with all the slips. In those days you had to look very fluffy on the dance floor (women) in order to even be considered to win. Thank goodness things have changed, although some of the guys looked pretty fluffy, as well…just kidding. No you're not. - Manny  -  LOL

I met many entertainers on the show. Jackie Wilson was my favorite; although, there were many others that were more famous. I remember that his patent-leather shoes mesmerized me. I just kept looking at those incredibly shiny shoes. I guess I was a shoe freak at the time…who knows. I always will remember him, his great presentation, and voice; "I’ll Be Satisfied," was the song that he sang. I never actually got in when Brenda Lee, and Annette Funicello, were there. We always had to let the ticket-holders in first, so I never got in when the big stars were performing. Because I had to travel so far, I was generally at the back of the line to get in to the studio. I did, however, get to go out on the town with some of the new entertainers for "promos" with Pete Marino (Producer?) and his clan. A lot of them did become famous for a while, which was, and is, very typical of the music industry. In retrospect, I have to say that it was fun.

All the kids on the show were good dancers. I really didn’t have any favorite partners at the time. If you were a couple, then you had no choice but to dance with your partner. So, that’s why I never really partnered up with anyone. I liked to dance with everyone. However, I do remember dancing with Paul Moony, and loved every minute of it. He had a free and easy style, which I always embellished. Guys who were good dancers always had free and smooth moves; they never counted…one, two, and three. You guys know what I mean. I remember taking Bob Duval to my Senior Prom because he was a good friend and dancer. I never got to dance with him, because all my girlfriends liked the way he danced, and moved spontaneously. I was never so bored in all my life. Do you remember that Bob?

Yes, I did get fan mail, and answered all the ones I was allowed to see. Do you remember that Dick? I guess I got some really weird stuff though, but that was gratefully filtered out..

I think I shared quite a lot with all of you regarding my experiences. I have to say that being with all of the Regulars, and knowing what I know now, I have to thank my lucky stars that I was a part of that scenario. At the time it was fun, and sometimes it was down right scary, but all and all, it was really a memorable part of my life. Lets have a great time at the reunion, and be brave and wear our glasses, so we can read the nametags this time. - Shari Langlois

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